Personal Shop

Personal Shop

If you feel stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed when shopping, then this service is for you.


During a personal shop, we will purchase key pieces, normally which have been identified as needed following on from a wardrobe consultation. Simply buying more clothes will not guarantee you have more to wear, and that is why the personal shop will provide you with clothing to complete a hard working wardrobre. The new clothing and accessories will compliment your lifestyle and enhance the image you wish to present. 


You will be introduced to styles, colours, collections and shops you may have never previously considered.

The service will become an eduction highlighting how and where  to shop. In addition to this, CK Image Consultancy will show you how to put everything together and what occasions the clothing will be suitable for. 


Prior to the shop, research would have been completed and on the shopping day we will undertake the perfectly planned route visiting all the stores with items to suit you. Items will be handpicked and we will discuss the price per wear formula thinking about how much an item costs compared to how many times you are going to wear it. 


The personal shop takes the dread out of shopping and in turn will save you so much time and money.


This service is for 4 hours shopping. (Very happy to travel out of Hampshire for a small additional cost)