Wardrobe Consultation - Half Day

Wardrobe Consultation - Half Day

A wardrobe consultation is a fantastic service providing you with a new, improved and orgainised wardrobe. CK Image Consultancy will ensure that you fall back in love with your wardrobe, feel confident knowing your style and how to make fashion work for you. 


Together we will sort out, edit and organise your clothing, footwear and accessories. You will feel like you have been shopping for a whole new wardrobe without leaving your bedroom. We will put together new fabulous outfit combinations that already exisit in your wardrobe, with finding the gaps to complete your wardrobe and detailing these on a shopping list. 


Following on from the wardrobe consultation, you will have more to wear and enjoy getting dressed each day. You will be able to recognise and develop a sense of style that reflects the image you wish to present to the world, and which fits in with your lifestyle and personality. You will also learn the importance of wardrobe maintenance so your clothes look like new every time you wear them. 


This service is for a half day(4 hours) wardrobe consultation.

Depending on the size of wardrobe and items of clothing we may not have time to declutterise, reogranise or regenerate it all. If you have a very large wardrobe, we will be able to focus on an area of your wardrobe such as basics,work wear or holiday wear within the half day service.  (Very happy to travel outside of Hampshire for a small additional cost)